• The 2-piece strainer and cup design of the FunFusionsTM Rocks Glass allows flow in both directions, while safely containing dry ice or edible condiments in the chamber below.

• Shatterproof design is safe for use at outdoor venues, nightclubs, or anywhere glass may be prohibited or not ideal.

• Add value with Full-Color custom printing, as low as 5,000 pieces!

• Cups are 100% recyclable and reusable (handwash to reuse). • Makes a great take-home souvenir!

• Using small pieces of dry ice, create “smoking” signature drinks, cocktails and even food presentations for the ultimate “Wow!” effect.

• Create endless fun flavor “Infusions” with edible condiments such as fruits, vegetables, candy, herbs and spices.

• Small case counts are ideal behind the bar, or anywhere with storage space limitations.