We carry various sizes of insulated containers to accommodate your shipping needs. Along with dry ice or gel packs, insulated containers can be used to carry or ship food, medical & pharmaceutical products, fresh or frozen seafood.

Specialty export containers are designed to maximize protection of your goods during several days of transport or for exporting dry ice by air or sea.

For your convenience we offer packing services at your facilities or ours.

 Insulated Container Sizes.  Custom sizes available upon request.

* 12”x12”x12”

* 16”x16”x16”

* 20”x20”x20”

* 24”x24”x24”

* UPS- 84 ( 10”x16”x24” )

* EH Container ( 35 ½”x22”x22 ½” )

* E Container ( 42”x28”x25” )

* D Container w/pallet ( 58”x42”x45” )

* Export Container ( 41 ½”x37 ½”x41” )