We offer leading dry ice services including packing and re-icing, at your location or ours. Additionally we re-ice Envirotainers or other airlines containers at MIA. We are experts in exporting dry ice. We have specialized containers which make it possible to ship dry ice via ocean freight as well as via air cargo. Our Dangerous Goods Declarations specialists can help take care of the paperwork for you. Services also include packing and re-icing, envirotainer, dry ice blasting, EMERGENCY, Caribbean shipping, delivery and events.

The best dry ice source is Associated Carbonic Industries. Packing and re-icing services available for frozen or chilled products re-icing services. We have over 100 years of collective knowledge and experience that give us a unique advantage in satisfying all your Dry Ice needs. We are experts in exporting Dry Ice, with our specialized containers and Leading Dry ice services it is possible to ship via ocean freight as well as air cargo. In the event of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, we are ready and able to serve our customers before and immediately following a storm.

Exporting dry ice is our specialty. Our export containers are specially designed to reduce sublimation during shipment. Dry ice can be shipped throughout the Caribbean by sea or air with reasonable sublimation rates. We can help you with the preparation of IMO export documents as well as all required labeling for dangerous goods declaration. Assistance with freight rates is also available.


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