Exporting dry ice is our specialty. Our export containers are specially designed to reduce sublimation during shipment. Dry ice can be shipped throughout the Caribbean by sea or air with reasonable sublimation rates. Assistance with freight rates is also available.



Shipments requiring refrigeration often must be packed or re-iced with dry ice or gel packs. We offer any packing or re-icing service you may need. Your cargo can be brought to our facilities or we can go where ever your shipment is located, including airline cargo areas. We are conveniently located near MIA and service is available *24 hrs/365 days.


*special rates apply for after hours, weekends and holidays. / Minimum Quantity Apply


Envirotainers are temperature controlled shipping containers, which along with dry ice, keep cargo at optimum temperature during transport. Evnirotainers have active temperature controls developed for air cargo, complying with airworthiness standards. Highly sensitive healthcare products such as blood, plasma, insulin, vaccines and other biological pharmaceuticals require temperature controlled transport. Envirotainers are specially designed to maintain temperature during flight wait time spent on the ground. Sensors take into consideration variation in ambient temperatures, helping reduce risk factors. Envirotainer service offers the latest technology without the need for large investments because they are available on the rent-it-when-need-it basis.


After hour services available 7 days a week.

Special Rates and Minimum Quantity Apply